Low Porosity Hair

I have low porosity hair, that is also fine. Before I educated myself I used to tell people when describing my hair as thin man was I incorrect. Fine hair, refers to your individual strands being smaller in diameter and that's me where thin hair means fewer follicles. I was a beautician long before becoming a Chef and making soaps.

I graduated under guidance of a lovely big haired woman named Miss Elkins from Nationwide Beauty Academy. My hair has always grown for me length I felt I really had no control over until I took it by asking questions and getting to know my hair on a very personal, first name basis. The first thing I did was took the strand test. I needed to know what products were best for my hair and what type of hair do I have.

The moment you give yourself time, you will notice deeply what you've always known about yourself. I knew that when I wet my hair took it would take a while for the water to saturate. Literally the water just sat there, it just rolled off. I thought I was just lucky, I had more time than others before curls would appear. So I found the strand test on Youtube and took it, when hair floats on top of water for a while before sinking toward the bottom of the glass that is low porosity. Low porosity means the structure of your hair doesn’t easily allow moisture to be absorbed into your hair shaft, the cuticles are tightly packed and overlap each other making it harder for water and other elements to saturate (moisturize) the hair when it’s wet/washed.

We need water based products, products that have water listed as the first ingredient and Hydrolyzed wheat protein or silk. Then a method of application the LOC method is best for for me. I tried LCO applying the oil last for me means it is literally sitting on top of my hair, looking like white beads, dandruff or grits in my hair, no no baby. I wash my hair with any conditioner water and apple cider vinegar (L), then oil my hair with light oils only (O) then apply a leave-in conditioner (C) making sure all products I use say, WATER as the first ingredient.

I live by apple cider vinegar anyone in my family knows to use it, for cleansing itchy scalp, removing dandruff, balancing PH. It gives my fine hair, volume, bounce, body and life. It literally loosens your curl pattern making it an excellent detangler. Here's a tip you can add apple cider vinegar to any conditioner you use as a co-wash or use it alone mixed with equal parts water or 100% as is, trust your intuition and pay attention to your hair, how it feels, what it needs. Apple cider vinegar also for me reduces breakage because it opens the cuticle allowing my hair to go from low porosity to high when I repeated the test after having applied it to my hair. Hope this helps

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