Skin Food

Created and owned by a Licensed Chef and her Husband. We are family-owned and locked into the Secrets of using Food-Based ingredients for skincare. Through the practice of using natural ingredients found in our everyday life we harness the power of plants, fruits, vegetables and other nutrient-rich foods to nourish and improve skin, with every use. We can provide our skin with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive.




Come experience the power of Stunning Skin and discover safer ingredients for every stage of life, crafted with care for the entire family, by Lavonda & Troy, The Owners.

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Lemongrass Cucumber Lemon Soap Bar

Discover the ultimate hydration solution in this bar, enhanced with real lemon peels for exfoliation. Experience the refreshing benefits of cucumber puree and the uplifting aroma of lemongrass & lime essential oil. Our customers rave about the transformative effects this bar has on their skin.

Perfect For All Skin Types.

Lotion Like Sugar Scrub Body Polish

Hibiscus & Coffee Lotion Like-Sugar Scrub function as a manual exfoliant, for dry to combination skin. By gently applying the sugar scrub to your skin and massaging it in, the sugar granules effectively eliminate dead skin cells and other impurities that could potentially block your pores. Perfect to shave with, also.

Butter Body

Immerse yourself in a soothing oasis of relaxation as our Body Butter melts into your skin. Non-clogging, fast absorbing, skin hydration that feels like butter cream Icing, fluffy, airy, light and luxurious.

Scent: Citrus, custom blend

Coconut Milk Infused Activated Charcoal Soap

Activated Charcoal plays a crucial role in emergency treatments involving specific types of poisoning. By inhibiting the absorption of toxins from the stomach into the body, it serves as an invaluable remedy. Its versatility extends beyond oral consumption to encompass skincare, cosmetics, teeth whitening, water filtration, and enhancing kidney function through the elimination of undigested toxins and drugs. To ensure an exceptional bathing experience, we have infused our soap bar with coconut milk to achieve a luxurious lather.


entirely natural and mild on the skin. It utilizes invigorating ingredients.

Siarra Brown

I use the coffee and honey soap on my face and can see an immediate difference with every use. I love how the Coffee brightens the skin and removes skin discoloration while the Honey tightens, firms and adds additional moisture and protection to my skin especially the under my eyes. I am prone to dark circles, and puffiness, bags here and there as well, especially during allergy season and I like looking my very best so the soaps we've created really help to achieve that goal.

Chef, Owner & Co-Founder Lavonda Clark

I must say our Coffee & Honey soap is amazing! It is our bestseller to date. My wife thought it would be a great idea creating a coffee soap and she was right! I suggested to her let’s infuse honey with the coffee and she agreed. Now you have double the delight in your soap and body experience. With the coffee’s exfoliating benefits and honey’s moisturizing effect it makes for a perfect pair. You will surely be satisfied!

Owner & Co-Founder Troy Clark

I received my Secret Serenity soaps and I must say my husband and I will never go back to regular store soaps again. Your skin is soft it feels as though you have gone to a spa treatment. All the soaps we use smells so good. All natural, do your
skin a favor and give it the treatment it deserves Secret Serenity!

Lisa Clark

The soap was gentle on my skin and also felt soft and clean. Amazing 👏

Terressa Brown

I have been using the Secret Serenity skin detox as well as the peppermint butter cream body butter and they are amazing! The owner is super personable and knowledgeable as well! Great company and products!

Erik Smith

Love the coffee soap, has a really nice strong smell and great lather. The body butters are great as well and smell amazing.

Almightty Tre

Great products!!! They make your skin feel really soft. Can’t wait to try more.

Dane Clark

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