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Feed Your Skin The Goodness it Deserves and Experience the Power of Natural Ingredients to Revitalize Your Skin.



The Owners

We are a family owned business started in 2020 during this time my husband and I while seeking after the face of God the name, "Secret Serenity" was given to him for us to share with the world. Secret Serenity is the Secret Place, The Mind of God. Experience and enjoy wellness through food with a Licensed Chef. Our Mission is to empower everyone to enjoy their God Given Inheritance, Beautiful Skin by way of our Natural Skincare Products.

"Serenity Seekers"

Embrace Your Natural Beauty Inside and Out with Our Exquisite Collection of Skincare Essentials.

Oatmeal Honey

Experience Nature's Best-Kept Beauty Secrets: Oatmeal and Honey for All Ages.

Real People, Real Results.

Transform Your Skincare Routine with Authentic Ingredients Loved by Real People.

Plant-based with Food-Based Ingredients

Revitalize and Renew Your Skin with the Power of Natural Ingredients!

Coffee & Honey Bar Soap

Experience Freshness and Anti-Aging Benefits in Every Shower!


Entirely natural and mild on the skin. I love the way you utilize invigorating ingredients. Thank you so much for creating this product for the skin, it is a game changer for me and my househould,

Siarra Brown

My skin was a mess before I began using the products and because I like them so much I can honestly day I have used them all. My favorites are the Herbal Infused Bath Bombs and the Coffee & Honey bar soap, it has made a complete change in my life, a difference in my skin and helps me to relax, knowing my skin is taken care of. Truly a blessing to know my skin will only continue to improve. Its something to look forward to for the rest of my life.


I must say our Coffee & Honey soap is amazing! It is our bestseller to date. My wife thought it would be a great idea creating a coffee soap and she was right! I suggested to her let’s infuse honey with the coffee to increase the lather and she agreed. Now you have double the delight in your soap and body experience. With the coffee’s exfoliating benefits and honey’s moisturizing effect it makes for a perfect pair and it is always the first to sell out You will surely be satisfied!

Owner & Co-Founder Troy Clark

I received my Secret Serenity soaps and I must say my husband and I will never go back to regular store soaps again. Your skin is soft it feels as though you have gone to a spa treatment. All the soaps we use smells so good. All natural, do your
skin a favor and give it the treatment it deserves Secret Serenity!

Lisa Clark

The soap was gentle on my skin and also felt soft and clean. Amazing 👏

Terressa Brown

I have been using the Secret Serenity skin detox as well as the peppermint butter cream body butter and they are amazing! The owner is super personable and knowledgeable as well! Great company and products!

Erik Smith

Love the coffee soap, has a really nice strong smell and great lather. The body butters are great as well and smell amazing.

Almightty Tre

Great products!!! They make your skin feel really soft. Can’t wait to try more.

Dane Clark

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