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Enrich your skin with our 24-Carrot GT artisan soap. Carefully crafted with our luscious carrot purée, ginger, tumeric and fortified with Vitamins A & C for that even tone. Leaving your skin feeling soft and supple with optimal radiance.


What People Say

Artisan Crafted

From start to finish there are no machines involved in the process of making our soaps. Every ingredient chosen with specific intent. Nurturing natural skin. Whether it's a butter, cream, scrub, mist, astringent, soap, mask, bath salt or oil our products are made to compliment the jewel you wear every day and help you maintain the gem you started out In!

Best Nights Sleep Ever.

A friend shared with me, how her mother called and told her how she uses our soap to help her sleep. She siad she places our peppermint bar soap at the foot or the head of her bed underneathe the sheets and said, she experienced the best nights sleep. Wow. I know soap shaving keep insects and bugs, spiders away.

Co-Founder, Lavonda Clark

Very soothing and natural. Great for the skin, face and hair. I love the coffee and foaming whipped soaps.

Desmond Brown Columbus, OH

My skin is not dry, I like the product better so far. I like the way the soap made my skin feel, I am serious about my skin its the only skin I got.

Joyya Bynum, Charlotte, NC

All the soaps I have used and most recent Kale Greens facial mask No.11 has rejuvenated and improved the overall tone of my skin. Looking forward to using more products.

Trevayle Clark

Secret Serenity is an amazing product line featuring soaps, facial masks, toners and more. I've used the facial mask and toner and every time my skin looks and feels rejuvenated. The Lavender, Coffee, Hemp & Spirulina soaps are great buys, Thank you Secret Serenity.

Troy Clark ,Co-Founder

I used the products last night and I love them. My skin felt so good when I woke up this morning. I must keep this up. Thank you so much. I will be a client.

First Lady Lisa Clark, Etna OH

The soap I have smells amazing and made my skin felt a lot more moisturized. My girlfriend also loves it a ton, Highly recommend.

Alan Goodhue, Dublin OH

I first want to say, Thank you for the fast shipping. Ordered on a Friday and received it on Monday. The outstanding, beautiful packaging was an additionally awesome touch and the products themselves, They smell delightful, wow! This is something I will continue to purchase and share with family and friends, well done Culinary Secret, Secret Serenity line is right on time.

Robin James-Locke, Phoenix, AZ

My Family and I love the soaps, we have used, them all from lavender to peppermint and order regularly, there is something special about knowing what we are putting on our skin, the soaps leave you feeling clean and we get excited when there is a NEW bar. I believe my personal favorite is the Lavender Poppyseed. The color purple is healing and so is the intention from the mind, heart and hand of the person whom made it.

D'Andre Thomas, Warren MI

Benefits of Food Beyond The Kitchen

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Food Is Medicine

Whatever the body needs, you can get it from food. We create soap bars and skin care to help you look and feel your very best with ease. The Secret is in the Science and we are revealing it to you, now. The work has been done, lets face it the natural is better for you.

Secrets Revealed

We are so much more than a product & service company, we offer value! Everything we have learned about food and the benefit it provides, you will find here. Recipes, Tips and more. Divide the wealth and spread the healing

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About Us

Culinary Secret

Welcome to Culinary Secret, home of Secret Serenity Soap & Body Company. We use food to cleanse, soothe, hydrate, tighten, heal and detoxify the skin.

Hello, I'm Lavonda! Owner of Culinary Secret, 69 Water2Wine Co., and Secret Serenity. Co-founded by my husband, Troy Clark. We are a family-owned business with three children & three grandchildren. I am a Licensed Chef and received my Associates Degree in Applied Science in 2008 and the healing power behind food is my passion. I began as a pastry chef and participated in," Chef's In the City" Celebrating Local Chefs & The Innovation of Central Ohio appearing on WOSU then I became a personal Chef for Athletes.

My husband brought a bar of soap home during the pandemic one day that was made with cucumber and aloe. I had my doubts, but I can tell you it is why we are here today. The difference I felt in my skin was immediate and I began making our own soap and skincare products from that day forward. My family and I use all of our products and believe they are the best choice for our skin for the rest of our lives, now you can decide what kind of skin you want to BE in.

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