Honey Soap Recipe

This is the first recipe I ever tried it consists of all the oils you probably already have at home. I love honey in soap, it has anti-aging properties and is a great way to help add moisture to your skin, Honey is a humectant and pulls moisture from the environment to benefit your skin the most and this will help to protect your precious skin from over exposure to the sun.

If you are a beginning this is an inexpensive soap to make and a great way to start your soap making journey. BEGIN WITH

  1. 10. oz coconut oil (melt if unfractionated) "solid"
  2. 12. oz Olive oil (there is a difference b/t) Olive oil pomace (its part olive oil and part soybean which is also called vegetable oil)
  3. 20. oz Vegetable oil aka soybean oil or soybean shortening
  4. 2. oz beeswax (humectant, firms the soap too) dissolve in heated oils
  5. 14.5 oz distilled water only
  6. 5.9 oz lye aka sodium hydroxide
  7. 2 Tbsp of honey ( 2 Tbsp per 16 oz of oil) Add at light trace
  8. 2. oz of Fragrance oil or 1.4 oz of essential oil.
  9. Add your lye  to your water in a heat safe container. I use a glass measuring cup. Lye is caustic so wear eye protection and gloves and mix in a well ventilated area, avoid breathing the fuses please. Lye added to water can reach upwards to 185 degrees instantly, be cautious! Once your oils and lye are at the same temp, they can vary by 10 degrees of each other (120-130) combine them, blend with an immersion blender until you reach light trace, added in the Honey then and Pour into your mold. 


No need to insulate w/ a blanket as honey increase the temp, additional heat my cause curdling or cracking of your soap. Allow to set over night then remove from mold, cut and allow to cure for at least 4 weeks. The longer it sets the firmer it will become and will shrink a bit so wait to make your labels for it if you plan to sell any or give as gifts. 

The effect you see in the photo was made by taking a piece of bubble wrap while the base is wet and laying it across it, lightly press down to create the indentation. Have fun.

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