Because I love you. We really do love you. We did the work, the research, reading, the seeking and asking the question, drawing in the solution.

Here is some information we'd like to share with you. If you are dealing with Acne here are key things to consider.

DIET, what your eating, preservatives, additives, dyes and an imbalance of any of these can be a trigger to your body alerting your through the skin that something is up. Pay attention to what you eat, how you feel, literally (stressed, happy, depressed, excited, nervous) Our body expresses externally, internal conditions. Check in with yourself.

EAT PLENTY of fruits and vegetable (shoot for organic as much as possible) for Vitamins A and C. Lean meats, poultry and fish for Zinc or take really good supplements read the labels many vitamins are cut with other ingredients you do not need.

Clear glowing skin reflects overall good health, mind (thoughts about life, yourself and others) body (exercise, walk, run, dance, sports) have a relationship with yourself first, soul ( listen to the still voice, relax your thoughts to do so and the body) telling you what to do and honor it, (DO IT).

Exercise is not about weight loss or building muscle, looking good its a door to feeling good thus enabling energy to move through the entire body unclogging streams called Chi that need our help to remain in a constant state of flow. Severe acne tends to run in families and can be heredity, passed down through the blood stream (foods consumed by the parents) the use of oily makeup can further clog pores and worsen acne, lemons, lemon essential oil, lavender, witch hazel, rose water and drinking your weight in water is a great natural start. Hormones are responsible for most cases of acne. If you have acne wipe your skin with a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel and ingredient listed above all of which we use in our astringent and use water-based unscented cosmetics.

Take care and just so you know "We're thinking about you."

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