Can Himalayan Salt Help You Lose Weight

My Husband and I recently began taking Himalayan Salt to detoxify our bodies, when I drink it I tell myself, "it is chicken noodle soup" so I can get it down and finish it all. It does not taste bad  its mental, knowing I am drinking salt is somehow very odd and yet I know it is good for me, I know its the right thing to do. Why is it so weird? Because I grew up only using salt to put on my food, to drink it? Here is a list of things we know and what we have experienced ourselves. We are two days in so we will show you our results, enjoy the information provided.

Resources:  Himalayan Salt:

  • Boosts metabolism & improves digestion: Helps your body absorb better nutrients. Better digestion is improves metabolism, metabolism is key to weight loss along with what you eat diet and exercise.
  • Curbs Cravings so this would be perfect for an a.m. drink and a p.m. doing this at night will allow your body since all functions slow down during your resting state to only break down what you had earlier in the day producing an a.m. movement vital to your day, week , months, years your life!
  • Since Himalayan slat is a natural additive for weight loss there are also detoxifying benefits. Toxins that can be trapped in the body from junk foods can hinder weight loss. It causes a hormonal imbalance that needs to be changed to remove those toxins from inside the body. A Himalayan salt bath and a Himalayan salt lamp inside your home as well can help your body with airborne allergies and dry sinuses as well, I like to use peppermint oil (mixed equal parts a carrier oil and essential oil) in the nasal cavity to help with sinus/allergy symptoms in our home.
  • Control Appetite, since we began drinking first thing in the morning 8-10 oz of water mixed with 1 tsp of Pink Himalayan Salt our appetite has absolutely been controlled. You find yourself just not being hungry, not craving anything and that is a wonderful thing, giving your body the time to remove all of last weeks meal or the day before or the night before, its a fast that is easy for you to do cause your body is doing it for you all you have to do is just allow it to BE.

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