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Your eyes, ears, nose and throat are all linked, your whole body is over there are subgroups  We are not physicians here but we do the work to know what it is that ails our bodies and we address it naturally with the help of our father who is a physician. We share our own success and testimonies having overcoming many obstacle the body faces on a day to day.

What we share works, providing you desire it to and believe it will. Today lets talk about the eyes, ear, nose & throat . When you experience an issue with either of these, salt water (sea salt) is the go to, you can get it in local grocery stores, Sea salt is used in over the counter saline solution sprays and you should have this at home. Cook with it and used Iodized for melting snow or making playdoh with the kids, we do.

Uses of Salt water (sea salt or himalayan salt) Gargle with it for sore throat, bad breathe due to sore throat and dryness, canker sores, bleeding gums, gum disease, tongue irritations, burns, nasal congestion, dry nasal passage which leads to nose bleeds and inflammation. You can rinse your eyes with salt water solution to brighten them, we use it to drain, clean and open our nasal passages daily we have a Neti Pot that fits in your pocket shaped like an L. Using this everyday twice a day is safe dissolves mucus; helps clean and moisturize nasal passages, it cleanses the throat, mouth, nose and sinuses. Here's a link so you can see what we use, we are not being paid by amazon to share this and you do not need the solution that comes with it, the Neti pot (tool) is what we intend for you to see.

If you are interested in purchasing while you are here, use the linkhttps://amzn.to/3TQ3YLW. For Alkalol-Natural Soothing Solvent Cleaner.

Instructions: Fill with room temperature water, anything other than that and you may experience discomfort, the burning you fill when you get pool water up your nose. Stand over your sink and place one end in your nose, tilt your head to the side and lean forward just a bit to ensure it connects to the opposite nasal and avoids the throat, It should pass from one side to the other smoothly. This is a ritual we do in our home every day sometimes twice and have for years. Stay healthy, hydrated, active and mindful. We will see you in the fields of wellness.    

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