Hibiscus for Hair and Use


You will find Hibiscus  in our tomato basil soap. Hibiscus flowers are good for all skin types and dried then ground up and incorporated in the soap bar gives it an added exfoliant.

We use hibiscus at home for  our very own hair oils we create. add it to soaps boil the flowers and drink it. It is available for purchase in 1-2 ounce pouches go to the DIY header to find it here. 

Here is what you should know about this amazing flower you can also drink

  • It helps and prevents the premature graying of hair when used as hair oil or hair pack.
  • Hibiscus is known to combat hair loss and hair fall in men and women.
  • Hibiscus is good for all skin types and does no harm.
  • Hibiscus makes the hair roost and strands stronger.
  • It conditions the hair mildly and keeps them bouncier

Hibiscus when boiled is called Sorrel and it is delicious. Go to The Secret Place for the recipe you are going to love it.

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